College Track & Field Scholarships by the Numbers

Track and Field should be straight forward when it comes to college recruiting and getting an athletic scholarship. Either you are fast enough, jump high enough or throw far enough. However, every year thousands of recruits miss out on scholarship opportunities because they do not know where to look. Check out our newest graphic and see where the best track and field scholarship opportunities exist.

There are more NCAA D1 track and field programs than any other division level. That means, there are a lot of opportunities to compete at that level, but, it does not mean there are a lot of scholarships. We break down how scholarships are given out based on your event. You need to understand that in order to get a scholarship at the NCAA D1 level you need to be placing at the conference, regional and hopefully national level.

The NCAA D2 is full of athletes who choose to compete at the D2 level even though they could have probably found a spot on a team at the D1 level. Many times athletes choose a D2 school based on its proximity to home, cost, or the fact they got a better athletic scholarship package. Don’t think that it is a low level of competition; many D2 athletes are making waves at the national level after college.

Being a track and field athlete at the NCAA D3 or NAIA level is an excellent place for someone interested in continuing with competition but wants to maintain a focus on academics. Many of the athletes at the NCAA D3 level are choosing those schools based as much on the school and their field of study as athletics.

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