8 Simple Rules for Sports Parents

Rule #1: Let your athlete take the lead.

Helicopter moms hover. “We” dads live vicariously through their child. Let your athlete become their own team captain.

Rule #2: Teach humility

Intangibles like attitude are a major factor in college coaches’ decisions.

Rule #3: Be a mentor, not just a cheerleader

You’ll always support your athlete. But you’ll also need to offer encouragement and steer your student-athlete back in the right direction should they veer off the path.

Rule #4: Create a specific plan and follow it

Set SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, and Recorded over Time.

Rule #5: Be realistic and get an honest evaluation of your athlete

Find objective statistics. Don’t pressure them to get into a Division I school, but encourage them to apply if that’s their dream.

Rule #6: Understand your Expected Family Contribution*

The right college will fit your athlete academically, athletically, socially, and financially.

*Did you know? The Expected Family Contribution is a standard amount, based on your family’s household income, that colleges use to calculate your athlete’s financial aid package.

Rule #7: Know how far is too far

If you restrain the instinct to keep your child close to the nest, exponentially more college options open up.

Rule #8: Don’t rely solely on your high school or club coach

Your child’s coach has their hands full coaching. It’s not their responsibility to get your student-athlete a scholarship.

Your student-athlete can’t do this on their own. Having your support and encouragement, plus expert resources and advice, will help your family find the right college fit. How will you find the college that's the right fit academically, athletically and socially? Complete our registration form and one of our Sports Consultants will be in touch to kick-start the process.

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